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Strong Unions and Economic Justice

Strong Unions and Economic Justice

Economic justice remains at the core of my mission. True prosperity comes when every worker, regardless of their background, has a fair shot at success. Our state has a rich history of labor movements that have paved the way for fair working conditions. From the coal miners of the anthracite region to the steelworkers of Pittsburgh, our ancestors fought tirelessly for their rights. Today, we carry their legacy forward, pledging to champion the cause of strong unions and economic justice for all.

Pennsylvania’s story is one of hardworking individuals striving for a better life. Just as our predecessors fought for safe workplaces, reasonable hours, and fair wages, we must continue their legacy by supporting our unions. Unions not only secure better compensation and benefits for workers but also ensure their voices are heard in the decisions that affect their lives. By strengthening them, we empower workers to negotiate collectively for a living wage, safer conditions, and respect in the workplace.

The lessons of history teach us that income inequality hampers progress and divides our communities. As I campaign for PA Senate, I carry the torch of our state’s rich history. My commitment to strong unions and economic justice isn’t just a promise; it’s a tribute to those who fought for workers’ rights before us. Together, we can create an economy that respects the dignity of labor, fosters innovation, and uplifts every Pennsylvanian. I will strive to build a state where every individual’s contribution is recognized by:

Invest in our Youth and Communities

Increasing the minimum wage
Ensuring equal pay for equal work
Providing accessible education and training
Strengthening laws that safeguard workers' rights, including the right to organize and collectively bargain
Advocating for paid family leave to ensure workers can take time off to care for their loved ones without financial strain
Supporting affordable childcare options to help working parents balance their jobs and family responsibilities


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