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Supporter Spotlight


Our campaign is working to put communities first, not just after the election but throughout our entire campaign. Our supporter spotlights highlight leaders, elected officials, advocates, and activists who are doing the hard work every day to put their communities first. Below is a list of individuals who we have already highlighted and more information including quotes can be viewed on all our social media platforms at @makenzieforpa. Stay tuned as we release more names every week! 

  • Lois Bower-Bjornson, Environmental Organizer
  • Dr. Gabe Cisneros, Pediatrician & Environmental Advocate
  • Kellianne Frektic, Mother & Non-Profit Organizer 
  • Bethany Hallam, Allegheny County Councilor
  • Elijah Majocha, Non-Profit Founder, School Board Member
  • Joe Maurizi, Executive State Democratic Committee Member
  • Melanie Meade, Environmental Organizer
  • Amber Webb, McKeesport Council Member, Mother of 4 

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