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Disability Justice

Disability Justice

My career as a public health social worker began in disability services—first as a camp counselor for youth with disabilities, later in quality compliance, and program management for adults receiving disability services in the homes and communities of their choice. 

Throughout my career I have worked with people with disabilities as a person with a disability. And I know that the disability community is one that has often been underrepresented, overlooked, and failed by systemic ableism and stigma. We have historically treated individuals with disabilities like they don’t deserve the same rights to live in a community of their choice, to be financially stable, and to have access to necessary health services. 

Patients, colleagues, loved ones have shared with me their experiences of fighting for services and accessibility that too often fell short of their needs. Many of those in the disability community regularly face obstacles that directly impact their daily lives, health, and well-being because so many parts of our society are neither designed nor equipped to be inclusive of people with disabilities. 

We can and will change that. We each have the right to dignity and choice in how and where we live, work, and play. I have advocated and will continue to advocate for the these rights and for disability justice by:

Invest in our Youth and Communities

Tax incentives for small businesses to make their locations handicap accessible
Increasing reimbursement rates for agencies providing in home services and support
Making all public transit ADA-compliant and accessible
Ensuring safe and affordable housing options
Investing in community programs that prioritize individuals living in communities of their choosing and continue to swiftly move away from institutionalization


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